Once A Goth, Always A Goth: Items To "Goth Up" Your Home And Yard

26 December 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


You were a "Goth" in high school. It was your thing. The dark moodiness of it all really appealed to you. In fact, it was a "stage" in your life that you never got past. Some people are like that; they find their comfort zone early in life and stick with it. As an adult, you are trying to figure out how to put more Goth into home and yard decoration; symbols of who you are and what you are like. You want your home territory to reflect and represent you; who does not? Here are a few products that really exist to help you get started on your Gothic home decor.

Antique Gothic Style Lights

Seriously, the irony of lights being Gothic is not lost on you. After all, the last thing Goths look for is light, and Gothic lights, while beautiful in their design, are ironically funny. Still, how will you read all of your favorite dark novels without lights? There are multiple styles from which to choose, including both indoor and outdoor varieties.

Gothic Wrought-Iron Fences

You did not watch shows like "The Addams Family" and/or "The Munsters" for the comedy. You watched them for Goth decorating tips. That said, nothing beats the Gothic fences shown in the opening scenes of each of these shows. Pick a Gothic fence style and install that around your property when the mood hits you.

Gothic Windows

Gothic windows, with or without stained glass, are a nice touch on your home. Quite often, you can get these windows cheap, if you wait for a Greek Orthodox church to be torn down. Otherwise you can head to a building supplies recycling store, and pick these windows up there for pennies on the dollar. You will need some help from a windows installation expert to install them in place of the boring, old, everyday windows your house has now.

Gothic Wooden Doors

Other full-grown Goths out there apparently decided that Goth doors were a necessity. Doors that look like Gothic cathedral or castle entrance doors are available. The front portal to your home will require some new construction to fit your new doors, but then you will have quite the look going. From lights to windows, from windows to doors, there is more than enough Gothic architectural features and products available for your decorating needs. You only have to shop around to find them.