Simple Ideas For Framing And Displaying Wedding Photos

9 March 2017
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Your wedding day is a special event that deserves to be memorialized. Since it is such a rite of passage, you may invest a large portion of your budget into professional photography. From elegant bridal portraits and photos of the ceremony to fun snapshots during your reception, it is easy to see the benefits of having professional photography. Even though the costs range from $1,000 to $10,000, hiring a professional photographer for your wedding is a worthwhile investment. Of course, you will want to store and display these photos in a safe, appealing manner. With this guide, you will learn how to properly frame and display your important wedding photographs.


Your photography package will most likely include a large selection of pictures in different sizes, so you will first need to decide which ones you want to frame and display. Most couples will order large portraits of the wedding party, the entire family, the bride and groom, and then a special portrait of just the bride.

Once you decide on your portraits for displaying, you will need to choose the frames. To get started, choose frames that showcase the style of your wedding. If you had a traditional and formal wedding, opt for silver or gold tone frames that match the elegant style. For whimsical or rustic weddings, choose frames in a distressed wood.

Also, your frames should complement the photo style. When framing busier photos, such as fun pictures and memories from your reception, choose traditional frames that will not take the focus off the eventful photo. For formal portraits that do not show much action, use ornate, decorative frames with large amounts of scrollwork and other details.

Having your photos professionally framed is also wise. Although the cost may be higher, professional framers will ensure your special memories are protected from dust, debris, and the harmful rays of the sun. To reduce the risk of discoloration and fading from the sun's rays, be sure you and your framer work together to find a frame with glass that offers UV protection of at least 95 percent. For more frame ideas, contact a company like Kelly Gallery.


One of the easiest ways to display multiple wedding photos is by creating a gallery wall. Choose a location for your wall display, but make sure the frames will not be exposed to sunlight. Even though your photos are framed behind protective glass, direct sunlight can affect your framed pictures over time.

Gather all of your framed pictures and arrange them on the floor or a large table. Move around the frames until you find a layout that you enjoy. Then, begin hanging the frames on your wall in the same layout.

Hang a large gallery on the wall over the sofa in your living room or arrange a few on the wall leading up the staircase.

For a more elegant look, prop one of your larger wedding portraits on a picture easel in your foyer or formal dining room. Hang a bridal portrait in your master bedroom closet and a romantic bride and groom photo in your master bedroom.

To enhance your home's rustic feel, consider installing a few chunky wood shelves on a wall. Arrange the shelves on top of one another, leaving about 8 to 12 inches of space between them. Then, arrange a few smaller framed photos from your wedding on the shelves. A few keepsakes from your wedding, such as your personalized champagne flutes and a framed invitation, will complete the look.

Your wedding portraits deserved to be displayed. By using one or more of these ideas, you can frame your wedding photos in a safe and attractive manner.