Having Your Old Furnace Replaced? Get Ready For The Process With These Simple Tips

21 February 2017
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Even though most home furnace systems have a rather long lifespan, eventually, they do have to be replaced. Because the furnace is such a large appliance in the home, this can be one project that is best left to professionals for sure. Even with a professional performing the removal and installation of a furnace, there are a few things you will need to do to get prepared for the project in your home. Check out these simple tips to help you get through the furnace replacement process as smoothly as possible. 

Clear the way to make the installation area accessible. 

Your first priority for furnace installation will be to ensure that the place where the new furnace will be installed is as accessible as possible. You do not want a contractor to show up at your home for installation and have to spend hours maneuvering around a bunch of stuff that could've easily been gotten out of their way. If the furnace is going in the attic, create a clear path by removing stored items. If the furnace will be going into the basement, make sure there is not a bunch of stuff in the way as well. 

Have your homes duct system checked out and cleaned. 

The ductwork for a heat system commonly outlasts the furnace, so it is a good idea to have the duct system checked out before a new furnace is installed. You can have someone come in and clean the ducts, so they will be free from dust and debris before the new furnace is installed. If there are any loose ducts or ducts that have damages, now is the best time to have these general repairs tackled by a professional so you can ensure your new furnace will be able to provide heat as efficiently as possible. 

Make arrangements for an alternative heat source. 

If you are currently still using your old furnace system until the new one is installed, you will need a way to heat your home while the furnace replacement project is underway. It is always best if you can have this project accomplished during the warm months when heat is not necessary, but if you have no choice, make sure you make arrangements for an alternative heat source. The furnace replacement can take a bit to complete, during which time you will need a way to keep your home warm, whether it is a few space heaters or otherwise.